Individualised Health and Wellbeing Support

Giving your organisation access to the same excellent level of personalised support that we provide to the UK's fire and rescue services community.

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Please note this site is for our commercial partnerships and is not the main website for The Fire Fighters Charity. If you are a current or former fire and rescue service employee in need of support please follow this link.

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Health Support

The help you've been looking for

Offering online health and wellbeing support has proven to be extremely effective for our beneficiaries from within the fire services community. We're delighted to be able to offer this same level of support to our clients. Some of the physical health conditions we can support with include:

  • Sports injuries

  • Work-related injuries

  • Musculoskeletal conditions

  • Neurological or degenerative conditions

  • Phase IV cardiac rehabilitation

  • Chronic pain

  • Return to fitness post surgery and/or oncology treatment


Contact us today to find out how we can help your teams get back to work quicker.

Online Services

Anyone coming to us for online support with their physical health and wellbeing can expect to receive:

  • Bespoke support, delivered to you in the right way at the right time.

  • A confidential video consultation platform that allows you to chat with a member of our clinical team from the comfort of your own home.

  • An easily-accessible exercise programme available through a mobile app, with instructional videos and guidance for every exercise to ensure you're doing them correctly and safely.

  • A programme that is personalised to your individual needs to enhance your recovery and improve your health and wellbeing.

  • Your progress with the programme will be monitored during regular online appointments with a member of our team, adapted where necessary to complement your stage of recovery.

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Residential Services

We have three residential centres around the country, where we invite clients to join us to focus on their health and wellbeing.

Jubilee House and Marine Court

While clients who have a predominantly physical health need will be invited to either Marine Court in West Sussex or Jubilee House in Cumbria, which also houses our dedicated Nursing team. 

Delivery of the programme is in a group setting and one-to-one interventions which may include: 

  • Physiotherapy 

  • Exercise prescription 

  • Gym sessions  

  • Swimming Pool & Hydrotherapy Pool sessions  

  • Health & Wellbeing workshops 


Reset Programme 

Our Reset Programme at Harcombe House, our centre in Devon, is designed to help you build resilience and move forward positively with your life. 

The programme offers the opportunity for you to develop and improve your overall mental fitness, with a programme of workshops and activities tailored to your individual needs.

Could the programme be beneficial for you? Start by asking yourself:

  • Do you feel stressed or anxious… is this starting to affect your overall wellbeing?.

  • Are you living with a long-term health condition that’s impacting on your wellbeing?

  • Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Are you irritable and unable to cope due to fatigue?

  • Are you struggling with chronic pain that is stopping you living the life you want to lead?

If the answer to any of these questions, or similar, is yes, then the Reset Programme could help you.


It is largely group-based, so it’s best suited to people who may be struggling with everyday life but are happy to engage with others in a group setting, sharing experiences and spending supportive time together.

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NHS Test and Trace 

Please note, we are collecting details and maintaining records of all those who visit our premises to support NHS Test and Trace. The Fire Fighters Charity processes personal data in accordance with its Data Protection Policy. For full details of how the Charity processes your data, please see our Privacy Policy or call us to request a copy on 01256 366 566. 

COVID-19 precautions 

The Fire Fighters Charity has conducted suitable and sufficient COVID-19 risk assessments for all activities. The results and controls put in place ensure we meet and are compliant with current Government guidance. Our risk assessment and COVID-19 policy will be reviewed in line with new guidance, as and when it is released, and we will continue to inform and train our employees as the guidance evolves. 


Our risk assessment and policy set out our aim to reduce the risk to our employees, volunteers, beneficiaries, clients and visitors by the introduction of control measures to mitigate the risk and ensure everyone’s health, safety and wellbeing. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our assessments, please contact our Customer Care team on 01256 366 566 or by completing an online enquiry. 

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Our Charity

Supporting the UK's fire and rescue services community

All profits raised by delivering this health and wellbeing support to partner organisations goes directly towards supporting the life-changing services we provide to all serving and retired members of the fire services community and their spouses, partners and dependants.


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